Thinking Without Borders aims to tackle the age old question, What is Love?

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What is Love? What a question! Try defining love… Is it possible or do we only describe the effects of love rather than love itself?

Philosopher Simon May in considering centuries of different ideas, cultures and major religions from Plato to today, thinks that none of these actually does justice to the real nature of love.

Now that’s quite a statement to make and something to make us think.

Love is often described as beauty or goodness, or achieving reciprocal goodwill or finding sexual satisfaction, or procreating, or unconditional and selfless giving…

But Simon May rejects these ways of thinking and instead suggest that love is … well… that’s what the Thinking About Love conference will discuss and debate.

May, who’s acclaimed for his book Love: A new understanding of an ancient emotion, will, along with other speakers, challenge common thinking with ideas and understandings of what love might be.

Nigel Osborne from Berwickshire who works with refugee children in various camps using music to help ease inner trauma and the grief of loss, knows what he means and understands by love.

Nigel Osborne MBE is a distinguished musician and composer of different music genres.

He also played in the first live concert of the Beatles famous Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Nigel will show a film and talk about his work.

And how does the brain fit into love? It might at times seem that it doesn’t!

Mike Ludwig who studies the brain and behaviour as a neuroscientist will give insight into what’s actually going on in our little grey cells and how these and a particular hormone influence our approach to pair bonding, sex and behaviour.

Evidence comes both from our human species and studies of animals that exhibit similar biology and behaviour.

So what of everyday life? Psychologist Sarah Stanton will discuss how early close relationships influence how we think, feel, and behave in adult life.

And what of Berwickshire’s history of love?

Historian Kenneth McLean will take us on an amusing, illustrated journey of changing attitudes from Victorian times to today.

Thinking About Love (run by Thinking Without Borders) is open to everyone.

The event takes place at Chirnside Community Centre, near Duns on Saturday, September 21 from 10 - 4.30pm Lunch is included. Registration & Refreshments from 9.30am.

For more information or to book email or ring Derek Janes 01361 883095.