Results of Scottish Borders Council elections (Updated throughout the day).

The political balance on Scottish Borders Council remains largely unchanged after today’s local elections.

By Paul Kelly and Kevin Janiak
Friday, 6th May 2022, 4:24 pm
Hawick and Hermitage councillors Jane Cox (Con), Annette Smart (SNP) and Watson McAteer (Ind). All photos: AndersonDrummond Photography.

The Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party ended the count with 14 councillors – the same figure as in 2017.

The Scottish National Party had nine – again the same as four years ago.

Meanwhile, there were seven independents elected – one down on the last local elections.

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Hawick and Denholm councillors Stuart Marshall (Ind), Neil Richards (Con) and Clair Ramage (Ind).

The Scottish Liberal Democrats had one more councillor this time around with three and the Green Party now have one councillor.

For now, that’s us finished at Kelso, thanks for staying with us throughout the day.

Here are the results in full.

TWEEDDALE WEST (3 councillors)

Jedburgh and District councillors Sandy Scott (Con), Pam Brown (SNP) and Scott Hamilton (Con).

It was a winning start for the Scottish National Party in the local elections in the Scottish Borders today.

The party’s Viv Thomson was elected with 1,266 votes.

She said: “This is a good start for the SNP and let’s hope it continues for the rest of the day.”

Also successful was the Liberal Democrat’s Drummond Begg and the Conservative and Unionist candidate Eric Small, who retained his seat.

Kelso and District Councillors Tom Weatherston (Con), Euan Robson (Lib Dem) and Simon Mountford (Con).


Dominic Ashmore (SGP) 792

Drummond Begg (SLD) 1,100

Julia Reid (SLP) 312

East Berwickshire Councillors Carol Hamilton (Con), Aileen Orr (SNP) and James Anderson (Ind).

John Smith (SCU) 466

Eric Small (SCU) 893

Viv Thomson (SNP) 1,266

2017 Local Elections: Elected members were Heather Anderson(SNP); Kris Chapman (SLD) and Eric Small (SCU).

TWEEDDALE EAST (3 councillors)

The Scottish National Party’s strong showing in the local elections has continued with Marshall Neil Douglas topping the poll in the Tweeddale East ward.

Mid Berwickshire Councillors Donald Moffat (SNP); John Greenwell (Con) and Mark Rowley (Con).

He said: “This is another good result for the SNP but we have to accept that there are difficult times ahead. All councillors elected need to work together for the benefit of the Borders.”

The other successful candidates were Julie Pirone for the Scottish Conservative and Unionists and independent Robin Tatler, who retained his seat.


Robert Bon (SLP) 449

Ellie Clarke (SGP) 469

Marshall Neil Douglas (SNP) 1,485

Calum McEwan (VP) 11

Julie Pirone (SCU) 1,102

David Pye (SLD) 483

Robin Tatler (Ind) 896

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Shona Haslam (SCU); Stuart Bell (SNP) and Robin Tatler (Ind).


A political dynasty could be about to be established after Sir David Steel’s granddaughter was elected to Scottish Borders Council today.

Liberal Democrat Hannah Steel was among four councillors endorsed in Galashiels and District.

The Green Party’s Neil Mackinnon also won a place in the council chamber, alongside Euan Jardine, for the Conservative and Unionist Party, who easily retained his seat.

The SNP’s strong showing also continued with Fay Sinclair, who thanked her family for their support.

She said: “I’d like to thank my three children who I dragged all over the place, particularly my five-year-old James who was always volunteering to help.”


Michael Banks (VP) 36

James D.W. Clark (SE-FP) 24

Duck Frater (ind) 199

Euan Jardine (SCU) 1,205

Neil Mackinnon (SGP) 412

Harry Redpath Scott (Ind) 246

Fay Sinclair (SNP) 1,637

Hannah Steel (SLD) 483

Bill White (Ind) 315

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Andy Anderson (SNP); Euan Jardine (SCU); Sandy Aitchison (Ind) and Harry Scott (Ind).


A post mistress has been elected to speak on behalf of the people of Selkirkshire on Scottish Borders Council.

Independent Caroline Cochrane won the largest share of the vote in the ward.

She said: “I want to thank the people of Selkirkshire for putting their trust in me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart – I will not let them down.”

Conservative and Unionist Leagh Douglas and the SNP’s Elaine Thornton-Nicol were also elected.


Caroline Cochrane (Ind) 1,423

Leagh Douglas (SCU) 1,049

Gordon Edgar (Ind) 217

Barbara Harvie (SGP) 222

Scott Redpath (SLP) 223

Elaine Thornton-Nicol (SNP) 873

Local Elections 2017: Eected members were Michelle Ballantyne (SCU); Elaine Thornton Nichol (SNP) and Gordon Edgar (Ind).


The self-named ‘father of the house’ has been re-elected to Scottish Borders Council for the seventh time.

Independent David Parker is the last remaining councillor still standing from when the current council was established back in 1995.

He said: “All the councillors have been on different journeys, some are new councillors others are returning. This is my seventh successive election and at the age of 48 I find myself in the disappointing position of being the father of the house.”

Also elected was Scottish Conservative Unionist Jenny Linehan and the SNP’s John Paton Day.


Simon Johnson (SLD) 589

Jenny Linehan (SCU) 1,133

Michael Needham (SGP) 199

David Parker (Ind) 1,594

John Paton Day (SNP) 918

Michael Scott (SLP) 207

Chris Stefanek (VP) 10

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were David Parker (Ind); Tom Miers (SCU) and Kevin Drum (SNP).

MID-BERWICKSHIRE (3 councillors)

It was ‘as you were’ in the Mid Berwickshire ward as the its three councillors were re-elected.

Two Conservative and Unionist candidates – council leader in the last administration Mark Rowley and John Greenwell – and Donald Moffat for the SNP were given the public’s support once again.

Councillor Rowley said: “In 2017 when I was first elected I said I was humbled and privileged and I can’t say how humbled and privileged I am again to be re-elected by the people of Mid Berwickshire. Now the work starts again.”


Hamish Goldie-Scot (SFP) 146

John Greenwell (SCU) 1,213

Yvonne Huggins-Haig (SLD) 479

Gail Jackson (SGP) 292

Donald Moffat (SNP) 1,079

Mark Rowley (SCU) 715

David George Smith (SLP) 254

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were John Greenwell (SCU); Mark Rowley (SCU) and David Moffat (SNP).

EAST BERWICKSHIRE (3 councillors)

Successful SNP candidate Aileen Orr spoke of the recent death of her husband Andrew after being elected for East Berwickshire.

Councillor Orr in particular thanked NHS Borders and Borders General Hospital staff for their support.

Also elected in the ward was Scottish Conservative Unionist Carol Hamilton and Independent James Anderson.


James Anderson (Ind) 562

Peter Guthrie (SGP) 245

Carol Hamilton (SCU) 1,328

Lynda Jones (Ind) 409

Raquel Lloyd-Jones 466

Aileen Orr (SNP) 899

Edward Brownlie Prentice (SFP) 33

Paul Stirton (SLP) 296

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Jim Fullarton (SCU); Carol Hamilton (SCU) and Helen Laing (SNP).

KELSO AND DISTRICT (3 councillors)

Voters in Kelso & District have returned the same three candidates elected in 2017.

Liberal Democrat Euan Robson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Simon Mountford and fellow Tory Tom Weatherston have retained the faith of the town’s electorate.

Councillor Mountford said: “I am deeply humbled to be re-elected for my third term in Kelso, which is the fairest and bonniest town in the Borders.

“I look forward again to working with Tommy and Euan.”


Wilson George (SLP) 301

Shelagh King (SGP) 518

Kenryck Lloyd-Jones (SLP) 69

Simon Mountford ( (SCU) 904

Euan McFarlane Robson (SLD) 1,169

Sunny Smith (VP) 17

Tom Weatherston (SCU) 942

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Simon Mountford (SCU); Tom Weatherston (SCU) and Euan Robson (SLD).


Two Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidates were successful in today’s local elections in the Jedburgh & District ward.

Sandy Scott and Scott Hamilton both retained their seats in the council chamber.

They will be joined by Pam Brown, for the SNP.

Councillor Hamilton said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the last five years and I look forward to the next five.”


John Bathgate (Ind) 529

Pam Brown (SNP) 80

Scott Hamilton (SCU) 1,089

Jessie Rae (Ind) 102

Yvonne Ridley (AP) 53

Sandy Scott (SCU) 675

Charles Strang (SGP) 250

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Scott Hamilton (SCU); Sandy Scott (SCU) and Jim Brown (SNP).

HAWICK AND DENHOLM (3 Councillors)

A Hawick & Denholm councillor today won a staggering victory in the ward.

Stuart Marshall was returned with 2,265 votes – easily more than all the other candidates combined.

Fellow independent Clair Ramage and Scottish Conservative and Unionist Neil Richards will join him in the council chamber.

He said: “I thank the people of Hawick & Denholm for putting their trust in me for a fourth time. I am absolutely delighted and for once I am short of words. What I can promise is five more years of hard work for the ward.”


Trevor Adams (Ind) 114

Catriona Hamilton (SGP) 147

Kay Hughes (SLP) 120

Stuart Marshall (Ind) 2,265

Clair Ramage (Ind) 316

Neil Richards (SCU) 309

Local Elections 2017: Elected members were Stuart Marshall (Ind); Neil Richards (SCU) and Clair Ramage (SNP).

HAWICK AND HERITAGE (3 councillors)

Provost Watson McAteer has been comfortably returned as a councillor to represent the Hawick & Hermitage ward.

He is to be joined in the council chamber by Annette Smart for the SNP and Jane Cox for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Councillor McAteer thanked his fellow councillors for a “fair fight”.


Jane Cox (SCU) 560

Kevin Ferguson (SGP) 81

Cameron Knox (Ind) 191

Robert Leach (SLP) 114

Watson McAteer (SNP) 1,477

Annette Smart (SNP) 509

Rosemary Webster (SLD) 113

Local Elections 2017. Elected member were Watson McAteer (Ind); George Turnbull (SCU) and Davie Paterson (Ind).

Leaderdale and Melrose Councillors: David Parker (Ind); Jenny Linehan (Con) and John Paton Day (SNP).
Selkirkhire Councillors: Caroline Cochrane (Ind); Leagh Douglas (Con) and Elaine Thornton Nicol (SNP).
Winning Galashiels and District Councillors: Hannah Steel (Lib Dem); Euan Jardine (Con); Neil Mackinnon (Greens) and Fay Sinclair (SNP).
Tweeddale East Councillors: Julie Pirone (Con); Robin Tatler (Ind); Marshall Neil Douglas (SNP).
Tweeddale West Councillors: Eric Small (Con); Viv Thomson (SNP) and Drummond Begg (Lib Dem).
Results are coming in thick and fast ... we'll keep you updated.