Residents urged to have their say on Eyemouth Campus review

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Residents are being urged to take part in a review of where Eyemouth Community Campus should be located.

Scottish Borders Council has said that it is committed to replacing the existing Eyemouth Primary School and is reviewing all assets within the locality, and will be undertaking a joint review in Eyemouth.

Local politicians John Lamont MP and Rachael Hamilton MSP have written to Scottish Borders Council asking for clarification on the current situation regarding the campus, after receiving numerous emails and letters from constituents

Both Ms Hamilton and Mr Lamont have asked for a meeting with Scottish Borders Council chief executive Tracey Logan, as well as the relevant councillors.

Mr Lamont said: “There is clear frustration about the current plans for the Eyemouth Community Campus.

“I have had significant amount of correspondence from concerned residents.

“There is a general feeling that their voices are not being listened to by Scottish Borders Council.

“I know that most residents agree that a new school is needed, but I completely understand why they do not want to lose some of their existing facilities.

“People have also raised concerns about losing their current community centre.”

Ms Hamilton added: “John and I have asked the chief executive of Scottish Borders Council and the relevant councillors and officers for an urgent meeting about the placement of the proposed campus.

“Locals are rightfully concerned about losing green space in the town for housing when there appears to be other suitable locations for this.

“Obviously, it is great news that Eyemouth is getting a new schoo.

“But the council must ensure that this is done in a way that suits the needs and wants of the people who live there.”

Investment proposals for the new Eyemouth Community Campus on the site of the existing Primary School with educational facilities, local services and extra care housing were presented at an event in September last year.

The event was also the start of discussions around what opportunities the new facility will provide and how the campus can be utilised for activities currently hosted in a number of other buildings and sites in the town.

These include the library, community centre and other education provision in east Berwickshire.