Public to be vigilant following reports of HMRC scams

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Members of the public are being reminded to be vigilant following two recent HMRC scams reported to police by local residents.

On Thursday October 10 an email was received purporting to be from HMRC – titled Self Assessment – Tax Recalculation – GOV UK - Ref. No.

This stated a refund was due and providing a link to click to input bank details.

Also on this date a phone call was received from 01438 940627 claiming to be from the Inland Revenue. The male caller said there was a police arrest warrant for tax evasion and was looking for payment to be made to cancel the warrant. The caller asked if the local police had been in contact and when the caller was challenged they hung up.

Please be extremely wary of unsolicited calls or emails claiming to be from organisations such as HMRC or your bank. Never give out bank details or other personal details or agree to transfer money between accounts based unsolicited contact like this. HMRC will never contact you in this way and Police advice is never to engage with this type of caller or click on links in emails. Terminate the call or delete the email and contact the organisation using the number you would normally contact them on NOT the number given by the caller.

For more information on Identity Theft, Fraud and Scams please visit the Police Scotland Website

and Get Safe Online

Specific advice is also available from HMRC