Plans approved to bring SB Cares back into Scottish Borders Council

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Councillors have approved the recommendation to bring SB Cares back into the Council at today’s (Thursday) full Council meeting.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive of SBC, said: “We are continuing to make it absolutely clear that the plans that were approved today will have no detrimental impact on the care delivered by the outstanding SB Cares staff.

“All clients will still receive first-class service from the same staff. This is purely an organisational change and we have written to all clients and staff to reassure them of that.

“There are challenges facing the care sector right across the country, but we feel there are still opportunities to further improve our services and facilities here in the Scottish Borders.

“While SB Cares has achieved much, including a net financial benefit to the Council of almost £3.7million, the changing environment, such as integration etc, means the time is right to bring it back in.

“A five year review was always planned and, alongside our with Best Value audit preparations, we undertook a comprehensive review which lead to our recommendations.”