New food bank at Eyemouth

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A local foodbank to serve east Bewickshire has been set by a group of Eyemouth churches and local residents.

Over the last few months volunteers at the Duns foodbank have been unable to continue a delivery service to the communities along the A1 corridor after being overwhelmed by the increase in need across Berwickshire.

As an interim measure the foodbank offered to supply parcels to the referral agencies to pick them up and deliver directly to their clients, but this is unsustainable in the long term as it adds to the agencies’ already heavy work load.

As 52% of referrals for the Berwickshire-wide foodbank were from Eyemouth and the surrounding area there was obviously a great need to form a more local foodbank serviced by local volunteers.

Duns Foodbank administrator Miles Wrigley gave invaluable advice and support for starting up the new foodbank in Eyemouth and a food store is in the Connect Berwickshire Youth Project building (the former TEDDA building behind the swimming pool).

Funding for shelving, metal cabinets and set-up costs were met by the benevolent fund of the Parish Church of Coldingham & St. Abbs. The foodbank has its own administrator and quartermaster, and because Duns Foodbank has given organisers access to all the systems and procedures they have in place setting it up has been a smooth process.

The store itself has been kitted out with practical help from the Men’s Shed, Connect and Donald Wood, the fabric convener at Eyemouth Parish Church.

With all this in place the foodbank will be up and running in time for the school holidays, a crucial time when children don’t get school meals.

If you would like to be involved in the Eyemouth foodbank, then please get in touch with Noreen Thompson on 07817990298. he foodbank will also be looking for donations of tinned food, pasta, jam, cereal, biscuits, etc as well as money. Pick up of collections can be arranged.