Marking the 40th anniversary of the Bible Come to Life exhibition in Duns

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Bible Come to Life Exhibition held in the Volunteer Hall in Duns.

It was a major week-long exhibition which most of the churches in Berwickshire backed.

The exhibition itself had sections down each side of the hall filled with all sorts of explanatory information about the Old and New Testaments along with many ancient exhibits from the Holy Land, all of which were used or spoken about within the Bible’s pages.

The various sections were manned by many members of the various churches who, 12 months before, opted to learn about their chosen topic so as to answer questions the visiting public may ask.

The stage area had amazing stage-sized painted scenery drops of Bible scenes, which were backdrop to the morning, afternoon, and evening talks.

These helped in bringing the many topics of interest in the Bible stories really alive.

The talks were given by the Revd Bill Metcalf of the Church’s Mission to the Jews, the exhibition having been developed to its amazing impact by him and his two assistants.

Local people also volunteered to wear biblical costumes to illustrate the talks, and the enclosed photos illustrate some of this.

A well-known face on one photo is Maj Alexander Trotter of Charterhall.

The photo of the erection team volunteers contains other faces well known to Duns.

Backing the exhibition on behalf of their denominations, by giving their names to the heading on the publicity letters sent to schools and organisations were Lord Home of the Hirsel for the Anglican/Episcopal churches, Col William Swan (Lord Lieutenant) for the Church of Scotland, and Lady McEwan for the Roman Catholic Church.

The Revd Hugh McKay, Parish Church Duns was the chairman, and Bruce Gordon at Christ Church Duns was the exhibition secretary and organiser.

Every morning was allocated to school parties from all over Berwickshire as well as further afield who packed the hall and each afternoon and evening attracted large crowds.

Lady Caroline Douglas Home masterminded a well appreciated exhibition tea room. Mr Metcalf and his team said afterwards they had never seen such attendances day after day in all the years the exhibition had toured throughout the UK.

A real thank you to all who took part, and the hope the exhibition impact was a spur to the faith it pointed to and sought to encourage everyone in, in bringing the Bible come to life.