Lauder-Frost invited to speak at AfD event

Gregory Lauder-Frost sat with Jacob Rees-Mogg  at the Traditional Britain Group dinner
Gregory Lauder-Frost sat with Jacob Rees-Mogg at the Traditional Britain Group dinner

A Berwickshire community council chairman was invited to speak at an Alternative for Deutschland’s (AfD) conference earlier this month.

Gregory Lauder-Frost, who is chairman of Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton Community Council, was invited to address the conference ‘Preservering European Civilisation, Culture and Values’ in his capacity as vice-president of the Traditional Britain Group

“People from all over Europe were there,” said Mr Lauder Frost.

“I thought they were very switched-on and had their finger on the pulse. They are fairly straight talkers, there is no political correctness.”

In his speech Mr Lauder Frost called for the welfare state to be unavailable to ‘aliens’ and for real estate to only be available to resident Europeans to buy.

Mr Lauder Frost said: “We must reject open borders and the right for anyone from anywhere to enter our countries. Of course The Left will immediately scream ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ and the correct response to this garbage is to advise the attackers that the fascists and Nazis did not have a mass immigration problem. We do.

“People should be told before making a trip to Europe that there is no housing and no money for them. Shutting off the welfare will be the end of alien immigration.

“Social housing should only ever be available to the indigenous people of a nation. No-one should be admitted to your country to survive in it on any kind of welfare. No child benefits should be paid to aliens. Just shut it all off.

“Once this happens every assistance through a State Agency should be made to help people return to their natural homelands where they can ask for welfare from their own people.

“We must all withdraw from the outdated United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, also known as the 1951 Refugee Convention, which has proved unworkable. Any other similar conventions must be withdrawn from.”

Traditional Britain Group say: “We do not see ourselves as far-right nor hard-right but just traditional Tories.”

They have had their main Traditional Britain Group page taken down by Facebook at least twice and a message on their Facebook page currently warns of censors trying to affect the EU Parliamentary elections. Mr Lauder-Frost said: “We are constantly under attack by people who are just on the left basically, they are just constantly attacking us all the time for any silly little thing.”