Eyemouth’s new festive art work

editorial image

Eyemouth Marine have made and fitted new artwork protectors to the trees in Kirk Square to help prevent the festive lighting from damage.

The cost is generously being paid for by Eyemouth Masons branch, the Eyemouth Enhancement Group and an anonymous donor.

James Anderson, Provost of Eyemouth Community Council, said: “A big well done and thank you to Eyemouth Marine. Its another example of how resilient Eyemouth is and shows people in the town pulling together to make a positive change for the better.

“Above the new art work are the new parcel lights our 2019 additions to the towns festive lights. Please take a look next time you’re passing – they’re even painted in festive colours!

“A massive thankyou to all who have donated, especially to D R Collin for donating £1000 to the lights fund.

Let’s see 2020 be as positive for Eyemouth as the end of 2019.”