Eyemouth High School racing team secures windfarm grant

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Eyemouth High School pupil and race team member, Ewart Robertson has helped the Greenpower racing team fund a project to improve the cars.

Ewart successfully applied to the Reston and Auchencrow RES Community Council Benefit Fund. The money will go towards kitting out both cars with an advanced digital speed control and power management system which will help the teams analyse the performance and battery levels of the cars during racing.

It will also allow the racers to improve performance on race days allowing them to maximise the capacity of the car.

Ewart, an S2 pupil at the school, took this project on singlehandedly and filled out the application as well as presented the pitch to members of the committee who are in charge of the RES Community Benefit Fund.

Logan Inglis from the committee said: “Ewart Robertson attended the Reston and Auchencrow community council Benefit fund meeting on Monday evening, where he gave a verbal and pictorial presentation on the project application on behalf of the ‘Green Power Racing Car Project’, after responding to questions from the panel members eloquently the group was awarded £500.”

The fund is supported by Reston and Auchencrow community council RES community benefit fund.

The project is managed by School Technician Paul Watson who was thrilled to hear about the funding.

He said: “I am so impressed with Ewart’s enthusiasm and drive towards Greenpower. Since he took this on by himself with little input from the school, this just shows how important this project is to the school.

“It is inspiring pupils to embrace Greenpower and the confidence that they have gained on the racetrack is now allowing pupils to have success in other aspects.”

Mr Chapman, headteacher of Eyemouth High School, added: “Ewart is an example to everyone at school, that enthusiasm and passion for something is infectious and makes a difference in our local communities – well done!”