Eight local play parks set to close

Coldstream play park
Coldstream play park

An audit of play parks across the Borders has seen the council drawn up plans to decommission 74 of them, including eight in Berwickshire.

At the Berwickshire Area Partnership meeting last week the authors of the plan were told that Duns Community Council was “appalled” at the potential loss of playparks at Ainslie Terrace and Trinity Park and an assurance was given that feed back from all communities would be taken into account before a final decision is made.

There are currently 243 play parks in the Borders and with Scottish Borders Council planning to spend £5.036m on outdoor spaces over the next 10 years they are looking to invest in the most well-used facilities.

During this financial year SBC is spending £250,000 on a new play area at Home Park, Coldstream (which should be completed next month) and next year they plan to spend £135,000 at Duns Public Park and £180,000 at The Bantry, in Eyemouth.

The plan is to decommission nearby, less well-used play parks when upgrading of popular parks in the areas is done. Two small play areas in Coldstream – at Lees Farm and Douglas Court – are on the list of eight Berwickshire facilities being recommended to be decommissioned, and once the new play area in Home Park is up and running, they will be removed if the proposed plan is approved by councillors.

As well as the two play parks at Coldstream and the two at Duns, the remaining four in Berwickshire under threat are at: Lower Burnmouth; Lammerview, Chirnside; Stebbings Rise, Eyemouth and Hallydown Crescent, Eyemouth.