Duns Co-op customers thanked for their generosity

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Customers at Duns Co-op have raised £15,661.63 this year to be shared by the Duns Co-op Community Fund’s three local causes.

Representatives from Duns and District Men’s Shed, Duns Swimming Pool and Duns Countdown 2000 Community Light came to thank customers on Saturday for their generosity.

Ewan Wood and Alex Small from Duns and District Men’s Shed said: “We are extremely grateful to receive the money and were not expecting it to be such a large amount.

“We really want to thank the Co-op customers for helping this new venture in the area”.

They will be spending the money on workshop equipment and finishing the refurbishment of the building.

Kirsty Inkpen from Duns Swimming Pool said: “Thank you to every customer that voted for the swimming pool. We were blown away about the amount raised and can’t thank you enough.

“This facility is a big part of Duns and district community for all ages and our disabled customers. The money will be put to good use as we will buy a new wheelchair to use with the new hoist, big mat floats, equipment for swimming lessons and a mannequin to help with staff training”.

Kirsty extended an invitation to pop along and see the wonderful facility.

Five representatives came from the Duns Countdown 2000 Community Light group. who were “over the moon to have a windfall to the Committee”.

They said they have had “smaller donations but nothing this big”.

The money means that they can now buy some new over the street signs and the timing means they can buy next years’ lights in the January sales thus getting better value for money.

The Community Fund is something that the national Co-op organisation has set up in each store to raise money for local causes in line with the ethics and values of its origins. Every year 3 causes are chosen by each store.

The next three causes for the Duns store are Connect Berwickshire Youth Project, the Borders Children’s Charity and Blood Bikes Scotland.