Concerns raised over Eyemouth Community Campus

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Residents gathered at the October meeting of Eyemouth Community Council (ECC) to air their views over the new Eyemouth Community Campus.

The development would see new educational facilities, local services and extra care housing located on a single campus, alongside complimentary affordable housing.

Issues were raised regarding the proposed loss of green space the new housing development proposed for the school playing fields would take from the town.

ECC claim the new primary school will be left with a half-size rugby pitch, which was deemed “ridiculous” by members of the community.

Residents also had concerns that roads are too busy already and the idea of making Coldingham Road a drop-off point for the school was met with a furious reaction from residents.

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The much-needed school was said to be too small to make it viable for the future and the number of new houses planned over the next ten years. Teachers also attended the meeting to add weight to the argument.

As well as the ECC’s concerns over the size of the school that sees little more space than already existing at the primary school, the proposed community centre plan was seen as “adding the name of a community centre without adding any additional space at all”.

Chairman of Eyemouth Community Council, James Anderson, said: “We are in desperate need of a new school, we are not in need of housing and there is not enough outdoor space for the school to use for the number of children attending and size off the school.

“It is vital that the new school whether it be called a campus or school is built.

“Our town needs this vital resource and the public fully support the building of the school and only wish it to be larger than planned.

“Our children are at the core of our community and their learning should be given the best environment to thrive.

“It is the intention to take a seat on the decision-making committee and we will ensure Eyemouth’s new school project is not ruined by greed of a cash-strapped local authority, which throws money at ridiculous projects and is already under investigation over a £10 million purchase of the Lowood Estate in Tweedbank.  

“SBC has failed to properly consult the community and ask opinion, it merely pays lip service to community empowerment while pushing forward its own politically motivated ideals.”

Mr Anderson added: “ECC will put out a petition to protect our green space and hand it to the audit and scrutiny committee.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesman said: “The Fit for 2024 Eyemouth property event on September 26 was the first formal consultation session to discuss the Eyemouth Community Campus.

“As the project moves forward, there will be several other opportunities for the local community to provide their views with further consultations being held and all concerns addressed as appropriate.

“The community is encouraged to provide their feedback from the 26 September property event at”