Coldstream singer releases songs recorded on ‘amazing’ trip to Nashville

A Coldstream singer is releasing her new EP featuring songs recorded in the same Nashville studios used by stars like Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton.

Friday, 31st July 2020, 7:30 am
Laura Bell-Jack spent three weeks in Nashville last summer, recording her songs at the famous Dark Horse Recording Studio

Laura Bell-Jack (22) travelled to Nashville last summer to work with Artist Services Nashville (ASN).

Her EP ‘A Year at a Time’ is due out on music and streaming sites this Saturday, August 1.

She’s already released two singles last month – ‘Lights On’ and ‘Next Year’ were among the five songs she recorded at the famous Dark Horse Recording Studio.

While in Nashville, Laura had a packed schedule, full of photo shoots, video shoots, writing sessions and recording sessions.

Having previously been to Nashville in 2016, she was invited back last year by ASN.

And while she’s had to wait a while for her recordings to be released, Laura is excited about her new material.

She was out in Nashville for three weeks in June 2019, and described it as an amazing experience.

“I felt like I was living someone else’s life,” said Laura.

“For those three weeks, I wasn’t me, it was like I was dumped into someone else’s life, but I loved every moment of it.

“Every day I was doing something different, and writing songs. Out there I was writing songs with other people. I’d never had that experience before.

“I’d only written by myself before when I wanted to get my emotions out, but this was different and I really enjoyed it.”

While in Nashville, Laura had a packed schedule, full of photo shoots, video shoots, writing sessions and recording sessions – as well as a performance for a private event during CMA Festival Week.

Laura worked with songwriters Bill DiLuigi, Liz Anne Hill and Bridgette Tatum on four tracks for ‘A Year at a Time’, which was produced by Kent Wells, co-owner of ANS.

Her single ‘Next Year’ was one she worked on before going to Nashville. It explores heading into the unknown after a break-up and not knowing where you’ll be physically, emotionally and romantically in 365 days.

“We recorded all the songs in one day,” said Laura.

“The performance at the private show was the next day. Kent was shocked I had any voice left after spending eight hours in the recording studio the day before!”

Laura first started playing music in the summer of 2012 and got her first guitar in September of that year on her 15th birthday.

She recorded her first song ‘Overthinking’ in August the following year, and in November 2013 she performed at Edinburgh Festival Theatre as a finalist in the ‘Edinburgh’s Got Talent’ competition.

In December 2016, she made her first trip to Nashville, recording her first EP.

Now, following last year’s recording trip and the release of her new songs, Laura would like to look at the possibility of performing some live gigs – although obviously the current Covid-19 restrictions have put those plans on hold.

However, if nothing more comes of her musical career, Laura will simply cherish the experiences she has enjoyed in the last few years.

She said: “If this was it, I wrote these songs, they got recorded, and everyone gets to hear them and gets to hear my stories, for me, if that’s where it ended, and this was everything I get to do, I would be so thankful and grateful for it.

“I’ve loved every second of it. I do stuff like this because I just want to be happy. If you do something and you feel happy about it, then you’re doing the right thing.

“I love music and write about how I feel, it’s an outlet for my feelings and emotions.

“I just want to enjoy music. I write songs because I love it and it makes me happy.

“In the future, if I got to go back and write more songs and do more things, that would be great.

“But if this was to end, and it was only these songs to ever be recorded, then I’d be happy.

“If it was over I’d be thankful for having had that experience and I’d be proud of it.”