Coldstream resident launches appeal after flood devastates Romanian animal shelter

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A Coldstream resident who runs a Romanian animal rescue shelter is appealing to kind-hearted Borderers after it was devastated by floods.

Animal Rescue Crew, in Sinoe

near Constanta, suffered a massive flood that has left the shelter with catastrophic damage and nearly 70 dogs traumatised.

Aimee Parkinson, Rescue founder, explained: “The flood happened overnight on September 26.

“Our shelter in Sinoe was devastated by flood water that ravaged the whole village after a reservoir collapsed. Many homes were damaged, animals dead, but thankfully all our dogs have survived and were unharmed, although they are very stressed out.

“The shelter suffered catastrophic damage. On the Thursday evening water began to rise until the shelter was under almost a metre of water.

“Luckily, one of our volunteers who checks on the animals was there at the time along with some German volunteers. However, because of the water and mud, the Germans were trapped inside the caravans and couldn’t get out to help.”

The damage is devestating for Aimee and the volunteers who work so hard to care for the animals in their care.

The shelter boundary wall has collapsed, food and tools have either been washed away or damaged and they were without water due to a damaged pump.

Aimee continued: “We were are crisis point before, but now... this is just a disaster for us. We are now beyond critical levels.

“We now need immediate help to make emergency improvements and repairs. Doggy houses have been damaged – many are beyond repair and need replaced. Our food has been water damaged or washed away. We have damage to gates, we have lost some fencing.

“It would be great if people were able to go out to Romania and help, but that’s a big ask.

“We are appealing for anyone to help, if they know anybody with a business in Romania that could help or if anyone could donate money to our appeal.”

Animal Rescue Crew has 139 dogs in its care and 35 cats. A total of 68 dogs were affected by the flood

Entirely self funded, Animal Rescue Crew has two volunteers in Romania and two in the UK running all aspects of the rescue. It is a registered Scottish Charity with OSCR.

Visit the Animal Rescue Crew Facebook page where there is details of how you can donate and support the charity.

Alternatively, email

Visit the Animal Rescue Crew website for more information on the chariy’s work.