Coldstream couple take on Henderson Park viewpoint

A Coldstream couple who have taken on a much-neglected viewpoint in the town are set to bring the weed-strewn area back to its former glory.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 11:59 am
Work has begun on clearing the site.

David and Fiona Shepherd approached Scottish Borders Council in March to get permission to take over responsibility for the care of the Viewpoint Garden in Henderson Park.

The spot, which offers fantastic views over the Tweed to the Cheviots, was so overgrown with brambles and other weeds it was cutting off the view.

David said: “The council altered Henderson Park 10 years ago and put in the view point. They planted it to be maintenance free, so then it wasn’t maintained at all in the intervening decade. We know that money is tight for the council, and we're not pointing the finger at anybody … we just wanted to be able to do something about it.”

“Fiona and I said we’d take it on, and set out returning the site to what it was originally meant to be.”

The couple started an online fundraiser at, and set out a target of £1,000. So far, they’ve smashed that target, with more than £2,000 raised.

David said: “The level of support from the community has been immense. The extra cash means we won’t have to scrimp on materials and we can do the job properly.

We’re looking at three levels on the viewpoint, the top part hard landscaped with gravel, the middle part with plants and shrubs and the bottom area planted with wildflowers to attract the wildlife.

"We also plan to install benches under trees, offering the best possible places to sit and take in the view.

"With the extra cash, we also plan to purchase machinery, such as hedge cutters, which will be stored somewhere safe, but will be available for anyone else who wants to tidy up other community areas.

"It is great that we have a community who want to take a pride in their town.”

Work has already started, with the couple roping in friends and family to clear the brambles, some of which are at head height, and prepare the ground for their plans.

David said: “We have had loads of offers of help, but we have had to be careful in what we are doing to stay within what's allowed during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.”

In March, David and Fiona Shepherd were given permission from SBC to take responsibility for the view point garden in Henderson Park, Coldstream. This garden had been left and unloved for a long long time.With a small group of friends and family, we have started the back breaking hard work. Clearing and digging out 10 years worth of brambles, weeds and rubbish.Our aim is to return the view point garden to a beautiful spot for everyone to enjoy the amazing view and the encourage wildlife back into the garden.To do that we need your help, so if you would like to support us. Any donations would be very welcome. So we can return and maintain this view point to the beauty spot it once was.