Cockburnspath & Cove Community Action Plan boost

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Cockburnpath & Cove Community Council are forging ahead with a Community Action Plan with the support of the first ever grant awarded from the Kinegar Wind Farm Community Fund.

An experienced local development worker will be recruited to work closely alongside local residents and groups, to help create a truly inclusive Community Action Plan which reflects the whole community’s needs and aspirations.

The process will harness the Planning for Real (PFR) model, a nationally recognised community planning approach based on 3D modelling.

This will help residents consider the full range of local issues, work together to identify priorities, and create an action plan for change. As Cockburnpath & Cove communities have access to several community benefit funds from local Windfarms, the new Plan will also help them shape how those funds are best used.

Pauline Hood, Chair of Cockburnspath & Cove Community Council, said: “This comes at a crucial time for Cockburnspath and Cove. It will give everyone in the community a chance to say what they feel is important to them and how they feel we can improve our community life. This is a great opportunity to shape our community’s future together.”

The Community Fund is linked to the Kinegar Wind Farm, owned by Foresight. Contributions to the Fund are shared equally between Foresight and Neuk Farm Landlords, Arnot and Steven Findlay. The Fund in Kinegar provides a minimum of £22,000 per year (rising in line with inflation) over the operating life of the wind farm, which is expected to be 25 years, to promote community activity and enhance quality of life for local residents.

Richard Thompson, Partner at Foresight, said “It is great to see the Community Fund supporting the local community to make exciting plans for the future. We know that the Community Council and local groups work incredibly hard and we’re delighted that funds from Kinegar Windfarm can help make a lasting difference in Cockburnspath and Cove.”

The Community Fund is administered by Foundation Scotland, an independent Scotland wide charity, on behalf of Foresight group. The Foundation works with the Community Council, who decide how funds should be allocated.

Grant applications can be made at any time, and will be reviewed at regular meetings of the Community Council.

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