Budding doctor plays her way through university

Abby plays her way through Uni
Abby plays her way through Uni

A 19-year-old former Eyemouth High School student has found a unique method of paying her way through university.

Abby Hettrick is currently studying medicine at Edinburgh University and funds her studies through her piano performances.

She plays at Whighams Wine Bar, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, throughout the year and during the summer is performing live at Limoncello every Sunday from noon to 4pm.

She performs a blend of classical, jazz and well-known pieces through the lunch service, which has captured the attention of many diners who have remarked on the ambience she creates.

Abby is no stranger to performance, having played piano since she was seven years old. She has used her skills to fundraise for the Ocean Youth Trust where she has volunteered her time as staff and a trainee youth leader.

Throughout the year, Abby also plays at weddings, events and local parties.

Unlike many other students who complete their degrees with a mountain of debt as they start their working life, Abby was determined to ensure she wasn’t one of them.