Beth is shortlisted for young hero of the year

Beth Cromarty has been nominated for a national award after using her first aid training  to help her aunt Jemma Landels
Beth Cromarty has been nominated for a national award after using her first aid training to help her aunt Jemma Landels

An Eyemouth teenager has been nominated for a national award after saving her aunt from choking, thanks to first aid training she was given just two weeks before.

Beth Cromarty, a member of the town’s resilient community group, used first aid training set up by Eyemouth response team to help her aunt Jemma Landels while she was choking on a piece of cake in June this year.

The 15-year-old Eyemouth High School pupil has now been shortlisted for the title of young hero of the year at the Scottish First Aid Awards in Glasgow in November.

Explaining what happened, Jemma, a florist in Eyemouth, said: “We had sat down to enjoy a coffee and piece of cake in my shop, and as I took a bite of the cake, the hundreds and thousands on top of it got stuck in my throat, and I swallowed the cake whole.

“I completely lost my breath and couldn’t make a noise. It was a horrible experience.

“But Beth remembered the first aid training she had been on two weeks previously and rushed to help me.

“She gave me five back blows and was about to do abdominal thrusts, but thankfully the cake got dislodged.

“She says she would not have known what to do without the first aid training.

“I think her training proved life-saving.

“She has since talked to her peers about the training and encouraged them to take the course and get involved in the Eyemouth response team.

“The Eyemouth response team is so proud of Beth, as am I as her auntie.

“The incident has brought her out of her shell as she was a shy girl before.

“The awards night is on Beth’s 16th birthday, so whether she wins or not, it will be a great night.”

The first aid training sessions have been led by Scottish Ambulance Service community first responder Martin Galloway, of Coldingham, who has also been nominated for a Scottish First Aid Award in the community first aid champion section.

Jemma, co-ordinator for the Eyemouth response team, says it plans to hold a number of other first aid training dates in coming months.

She added: “The first aid training been really successful, and we hope to get many more people through the course in the coming months.

“The training offers basic skills but it can make a real difference.

“Even if someone has been on the course, it is useful to come along again to refresh your skills.

The next first aid training courses in Eyemouth are on Wednesday, November 9; Thursday, November24; and Thursday, December 15.

Call Jemma on 07512573032 or email jemmalandels@ for more information.