Barsik the cat is a local celebrity

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Duns residents have taken a badly injured cat to their hearts after it was attacked by someone either during the evening or overnight on Friday, February 6.

Barsik, a three year old white cat, suffered three fractures to one of his legs, his shoulder was injured and he had internal injuries.

After his owner left Duns, Barsik has drifted between two or three homes in Duns for food and a bed, but it is Cameron Gibson who is now taking care of him as he recovers from his ordeal.

When he found Barsik lying in Easter Street, Duns, on Saturday, February 7, with blood on his shoulder, Cameron took him home with him and now local residents, outraged at how the cat had been treated, are rallying round to help raise money for the vets bill.

The Whip and Saddle have started a whip round and have already raised £150, the Horn Inn are organising a fund raising event, and the Reivers Fish Bar are running a raffle during National Chip Week, with the proceeds going to Border Pet Rescue to help with Barsik’s vet bills.

Cameron said: “He had what looked like a footprint

on his back. The vet thinks his injuries are more consistent with him being attacked by a person rather than knocked down by a car.”

After picking up Barsik and taking him home Cameron was contacted by Pat Jones of Border Pet Rescue who had heard about Barsik’s injuries.

She arranged for him to go to be checked by Merlin vets who discovered the full extent of Barik’s injuries and after operating on his leg to pin it, he was kept at their Galashiels premises for a few days.

“Pat has been absolutely fantastic,” said Cameron. “She has sorted everthing out and agreed that Border Pet Rescue will foot the bill.

“It’a amazing how everyone has rallied round when they heard what happened to Barsik - it restores your faith in human nature.”

Barsik is now back at home with Cameron, but his wandering has been severely curtailed for the next few weeks much to his disgust. He is confined to a cage to keep him as still as possible to allow his fractured leg time to heal.

Barisk is becoming something of a local celebrity and now has his own Facebook page and his most recent posting was: “I’m doing really well in my recovery but I’m going to need lots of looking after cos my pin is going to be in for 4 to 6 weeks.”

He hasn’t taken to Twitter yet though, he seems to be leaving tweeting to the birds!