Ayton houses decision delay

A 3D view of the Ayton housing development site from Summerhill Park.
A 3D view of the Ayton housing development site from Summerhill Park.

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Social landlord Berwickshire Housing Association is planning on building the estate on land to the south west of Ayton Primary School.

However, the plans have been met with 30 objections from local residents, and a further objection from Ayton Community Council.

Most of the objections acknowledge the need for housing in Ayton, and the Scottish Borders, but the biggest concern for the objectors is the increase in traffic on the Beanburn road, which is where the main access point for the development would be sited.

Councillors were in general agreement that although they support the development in principle, they could not come to a decision without further information on the traffic situation in Ayton and plans to mitigate construction traffic.

Councillors asked roads officers to investigate and to report back to them at the next planning and building standards committee, which is currently scheduled for Monday, July 1.

Ayton community councillor Isabel Kellie said “We asked that consideration be given to an access road to the north of the village, away from the primary school and Beanburn.

“We heard all of the right noises from the developer but guess what? Nothing has been brought forward.

“We are growing increasingly concerned that our voices are not being listened to.”

Objector Peter Hodgson, who lives along the Beanburn, writes: “The Beanburn is a small B-road with on-street essential parking.

“It is kept in a fairly poor state of repair due to the already intolerable amount of heavy goods vehicles and farm vehicles using it almost constantly between farming properties.

“This has already been noted by residents as a major concern for pedestrian safety, in particular, children coming and going from the primary school.

“I feel this road is not sufficient to cope with the vastly increased road traffic at approximately 1.5 vehicles per proposed household.”

Councillors heard from officers that the developer nor the council owns the land on which an access road could be constructed.

East Berwickshire councillor Helen Laing, who is local to the area, said: “I’m absolutely in favour of this development, and the community are in favour of this too.

“But I walked up the Beanburn the other day, it is in a poor condition. A tractor came up behind me and I don’t see, even with the suggested widening of the road, how it is going to work.”

“There are huge agricultural vehicles coming up and down that road.”