Ayton Heritage start work on clearing ivy from St Dionysius

Volunteers get to work clearing away some of the ivy.
Volunteers get to work clearing away some of the ivy.

A recently formed group, Ayton Heritage, has been busy removing decades of ivy from St Dionysius, the old church ruin in Ayton kirkyard.

The church was abandoned in 1867 when the current church was opened.

Over the years ivy had taken over to such an extent that almost no part of the remaining building was visible.

Following a public meeting in June, Ayton Heritage was formed and is now a registered Scottish charity. Working under Historic Environment Scotland’s “Adopt a Monument” scheme with the guidance of an Archaeology Scotland Field Officer, volunteers have spent two days cutting the ivy which could be reached from ground level.

This has revealed enough of the building to allow a full survey for further work to be undertaken.

St Dionysius dates back to the 12th century and was the location for the signing of important treaties between Scotland and England in 1380, 1384 and 1497.

The building shows signs of having been altered over the ages, with additions of burial isles and bell tower. Ayton Heritage members are looking forward to learning more about the history of the church as well as preserving the remaining structure for the future.

Anyone wishing to get involved should contact billblack1804@gmail.com or phone 018907 81427.