Appeal launched for old photos

The de la Bastie monument at Broomhouse, near Duns.
The de la Bastie monument at Broomhouse, near Duns.

An appeal has been launched for information which could help further reconstruct the Anthony de la Bastie memorial at Broomhouse, near Duns.

Berwickshire Civic Society, the group responsible for the reconstruction of the memorial in 1975, hopes to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Bastie’s murder by altering the monument, originally erected in the 19th century by James Home, to correct a piece thought to be out of place.

The group is appealing for any pre-1975 photographs of the monument showing more detail of how the memorial should look.

Barbara Morris, of the civic society, said: “The odd finial on the column is now thought to be an urn, missing its pedestal and installed upside down.

“To confirm this, we are searching for photographic evidence of the urn in its pre-1975 position.

“To mark the 500th anniversary of the murder, the society would like to replace the urn in its correct position.”

Bastie was a French knight who came to Scotland after the Battle of Flodden to help investigate the death of King James IV at Flodden.

He was murdered, it is thought, by David Home, then laird of Wedderburn in 1517.

Anyone who has any information of old photographs is asked to contact Judy Torrance, honorary secretary of the civic society, by calling 01890 771887 or emailing