Peelwalls House restrictions lifted

A request for modification of a legal agreement has been agreed so Peelwalls House, Ayton, can be reinstated as a private house, removing restrictions on it being used as a care home.

The house had previously been converted into a private residential care home, which closed in 2003, the private company running it having been dissolved in 2003.

Before it closed as a care home planning permission had been granted for the development of a care village of 36 retirement homes in the grounds and a legal agreement was entered into so that they would be related to the care home. The legal agreement was to ensure that the care village residents, who were to be over 55 years old or infirm, would have access to the specialist services and facilities of the nursing home as and when they needed them but could live independently while their health allowed.

Only five of the 36 homes were built and Scottish Borders Council recently agreed to alter the conditions so that the houses are now required to be suitable for general affordable housing needs.

Last week councillors at SBC’s planning meeting also agreed to modify the conditions relating to Peelwalls House, removing the burden for a new access route to be constructed and also removing the burden to restrict the use of the house to be solely for a care home.