Pease Dean to receive Scottish Wildlife Trust attention

Pease Dean
Pease Dean

THIS year is the year of Natural Scotland and the Scottish Wildlife Trust has big plans to celebrate it by protecting the country’s fantastic wildlife and wild places for the benefit of present and future generations.

And one of the locations the Trust will be focusing its efforts on is Pease Dean, south of Dunbar, where staff will undertake a massive programme of felling non-native trees, replacing them with native ones, including oak and hazel which provide homes and food for more insects and birds.

The felled trees will be left in the valley as deadwood, which is excellent habitat for mosses, lichens and insects.

SWT chief executive Simon Milnes commented: “The Year of Natural Scotland is a chance for us all to celebrate and stand up for our natural environment. The Scottish Wildlife Trust is determined to be the voice of wildlife, encouraging politicians to do the right thing to safeguard nature and our natural life support systems. It is speaking out against inappropriate developments and connecting more people with wildlife and the countryside.”

He went on: “The Year of Natural Scotland is set to be a busy year across Scotland’s natural environment. We hope that enhanced access to our reserves and the fascinating improvements to habitats which benefit wildlife will inspire more people than ever before to explore and enjoy Scotland’s wild places.”