Paxton House’s team of volunteer gardeners

Volunteer gardeners at Paxton House
Volunteer gardeners at Paxton House

The grounds of Paxton House create an impressive first impression of the estate for visitors thanks to the work of a group of dedicated volunteer gardeners.

Meeting on a Thursday they turn their hands to whatever is needed - weeding, edging, pond clearing, planning, planting or painting.

“In general we do it all,” said Christine McCreath, a trust member and volunteer gardener.

During the winter of 2013-14 the volunteer gardeners re-organised the herbaceous border as some sections had become too dense, their aim to maintain the principles and design of the border as it would have been in the Edwardian era.

When the house was built in 1758 the grounds were designed to give a clear view down to the river but until the volunteer gardeners got to work that view had been obscured by woodland.

It would be impossible for the Paxton Trust, who took over the estate in 1988, to employ sufficient staff to maintain the gardens and grounds to the standard they are at and the role of the garden volunteers is vital in keeping the visitors coming back to visit the house and grounds.

“Plant or garden knowledge is not essential to join our happy band but a sense of humour helps and a willingess to take on various tasks,” added Christine.

So if you are interested in joining them go along on a Thursday at 11am, or phone Allison on 01289 386291.