Paxton-bound Peter learned from the best

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If you’re the son a music legend there’s a realistic chance you’re likely to follow a similar path and that’s exactly what a musician heading to Paxton has done.

Peter Donegan, son of Lonnie, is marking Bank Holiday weekend at The Cross Inn with a performance there on Sunday.

As well as being an accomplished vocalist in his own right, Pete also plays acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonic and , mandolin and very much his father’s son, he’s a great showman.

“My dad never intentionally forced me down the music route; that happened because I was a keen piano player. But what he did do was always push me to be the best at what I wanted to do.

“Like every child I was massively influenced by my surroundings and there really wasn’t anything else I wanted to be other than be a musician and I certainly had a great point of reference.”

Lonnie, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 71, is credited for influencing acts like The Beatles and Joe Cocker but Peter admitted that it wasn’t until he reached his teens that he realised just how famous his dad was.

“I spent a lot of my early life on the road,” he explained.

“I wasn’t schooled until I was seven which sounds good but when life involved a lot of travelling and I suffered with car sickness it wasn’t quite so brilliant!

“As I got older it really hit home just how big my dad was and the influence he’d had on the music industry.”

Peter, who is busy working on a new album, often performs with the same musicians his dad played with- the Lonnie Donegan Band- and refers to them as ‘part of the family’.

Just like when they played for Lonnie, they have served him well most notably at a show at the Royal Albert Hall when Peter shared the stage with the likes of Chas & Dave, Van Morrison, Roger Daltry and Mark Knopfler.

For Sunday’s show Peter will perform a setlist featuring his own songs alongside some of his Dad’s classics such as ‘Putting On The Style’ and ‘Have A Drink On Me’.

Tickets for the gig, priced £5, can be bought from 01289 386267.