Pavements must be maintained

JOHN Lamont has highlighted the poor quality of pavements on Borders trunk roads.

He has raised the issue with BEAR, whose responsibility it is to maintain them, after being contacted by a constituent who was seriously injured after tripping on a cracked paving stone on the part of the A7 that passes through Selkirk.

The MSP said: “I have been contacted by several constituents who are very concerned about the shoddy state that some of our pavements are in. A lot of them have large cracks in the paving stones or are very uneven, and I have already been contacted by one resident who has tripped resulting in a serious injury.

“This incident occurred on the section of the A7 that passes through Selkirk, and I have contacted BEAR whose responsibility it is to maintain pavements on trunk roads. It is essential that they ensure that these pavements are maintained to a high standard.

Mr Lamont added: “When pedestrians are injuring themselves on these pavements it is essential that repairs are made as quickly as possible. I would urge any local resident who notices a damaged pavement to contact BEAR immediately to report it.”