Pauline takes relay baton into England

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Wooler runner Pauline Aitchison celebrated her birthday in style by running along the route of the Olympic torch.

Pauline was taking part in the Endurancelife Real Relay, an attempt to follow the entire route of the official Olympic torch around the British Isles in one continuous journey.

Her leg of the relay took her from Foulden down the coast to Holy Island, and she admitted some nerves as she waited at the Border.

“There was a certain buzz during the morning,” she said, “with text messages coming to and fro from previous runners to those running later in the day, and I couldn’t help but feel really excited about being part of something so big.

“I know quite a few runners who have secured stages further down the country and I enjoyed that I was bringing the baton into England and sending it on the way to them.

Auchencrow Thistle runner Jane Holmes arrived at Foulden, piped along the last Scottish relay leg by by her husband. “There was something very emotional about Jane approaching with the sound of the pipes travelling over the open countryside,” continued Pauline.

She was accompanied to Holy Island by Shishi Mason, and to Goswick by Norham’s Caroline Tyser and Hannah Humphries.

The relay baton is fitted with a tracking device so its journey can be tracked live on the internet.

Pauline added: “Someone up in Scotland had added the Scottish flag so my parents were sent ahead to purchase an England one to join it!

“It was such a great feeling to pass the baton on and watch it head away on its journey to London. I hope the England flag makes it!”