Part time workers could get working tax credit

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Many part-time workers in Berwickshire are unaware that they are eligible to receive working tax credit.

The Berwickshire Citizens’ Advice Service say that, during general advise sessions, it has become clear that many part time workers aged 60 years and over are not aware that if they work just 16 hours per week they may be eligible for payment of working tax credit.

Mike Hedderwick, tax credit adviser, said: “At the start of the new tax year on April 6 he Government changed the rules for eligibility of Working Tax Credit and this included reduction of the weekly working hours from 30 to 16 for persons aged 60 and over.

“This information does not appear to have been passed to many potential applicants.”

Mr Hedderwick said that any person aged over 59 who is working over 16 hours per week and not in receipt of working tax credit can visit the Berwickshire Citizens’ Advice Service for further clarification, in either the Duns or Eyemouth office, during normal opening hours, or they can telephone them on 01361 883340.