Overtime ban suspended

A work to rule and overtime ban by staff at the Scottish Borders Housing Association was suspended earlier this week.

The industrial action, which was backed in a ballot of Unite union members, has been halted to allow talks to be held.

SBHA officials and representatives of the union were expected to meet on Friday, October 3.

It is thought that they will discuss a business plan drawn up by the union as an alternative to a management proposal to change terms and conditions.

The dispute centres on the move to introduce conditions for SBHA’s manual workforce.

The housing association says the changes - which would see staff on site at 08:00 rather than leaving for their first call - offers a better service to tenants.

However, Unite, the country’s largest trade union with over 1.42 million members, has claimed that members would be forced to work an extra three-and-a half hours a week without pay.'