Our farmland butterflies are flourishing

Dark Green Fritillary (photo - Barry Prater)
Dark Green Fritillary (photo - Barry Prater)
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Farmland butterflies in the area thrived last year after benefiting from the best summer weather for seven years, a survey has revealed.

In the East of Scotland there were 38 separate 1 km squares surveyed. The Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey (WCBS) requires recorders to visit their squares twice during the core period (July–August) and 32 squares received the necessary two visits. During this core period over 2,000 butterflies of 17 species were recorded.

The most abundant butterfly was the Ringlet (928 individuals counted, 43% of butterflies seen during the core period) and the most widespread butterfly was Green-veined White which occupied 87.5% of squares.

In Berwickshire both the Ringlet and the Green-veined White were very noticeable last year and one of our specialities, the Dark Green Fritillary, was found in good numbers at some sites along the coast and away from the survey squares.

WCBS co-ordinator Dr Zoë Randle from Butterfly Conservation, said: “Farmland butterflies really thrived last year primarily due to the fantastic summer weather which provided ideal conditions with several recording their best ever WCBS results.”