Ornithologists’ Club invite for Laurie

Birds on branch
Birds on branch
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A LOCAL photographer who has made a career out of depicting Scotland’s wildlife has been invited to exhibit his work for the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club.

Laurie Campbell of Paxton is one of Scotland’s leading natural history and landscape photographers, and his own picture library of over 120,000 images is the most extensive of its kind by any single photographer working today.

He has dedicated over 35 years to photographing Scotland’s distinctive wildlife and plants. In the beginning, he says, his aim was simply to show what he had witnessed to others who might have neither the time nor the inclination to go out into the field and experience nature in as much detail for themselves.

His work will be displayed at Waterston House, Aberlady, a free enterprise which hosts Scotland’s largest ornithological library, from January 19.

After graduating with a degree in photography at Napier University he continued accumulating his stock of photographs of wildlife and in 1985 became Scotland’s first full-time professional nature photographer. His published images are widely recognised for their distinctive style. He has a preference for using natural light and photographs subjects which are not captive or manipulated but simply as he finds them in the field.

Inspiration for his work comes from an open-minded approach when looking for subjects to photograph, believing strongly that there is potential in virtually everything in the natural world, regardless of how common it may be. Indeed, composition and lighting are just two of the factors he considers more important than a subject’s rarity.

Laurie has authored two books including bestseller ‘RSPB Guide to Bird & Nature Photography’, and has received commissions to illustrate many others. Recent commissions include one from Scottish Natural Heritage to extensively photograph its National Nature Reserves.