Borders Party should provide positive input

SIR, - Yet more nonsense from the Borders Party with their Berwickshire representative Cat Macdonald–Home’s comments in the Berwickshire News on the reopening of Reston Station last week.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 19th December 2011, 6:26 am

She states that the reopening of Reston Station will only cost 1% of the reopening of the Borders Railway to Tweedbank – correct – but its hardly comparing like with like is it?

The Borders Party and their supporters are always telling us that the reopened line to Tweedbank will only be of benefit to a small area of the Borders and a small percentage of the Borders population yet Cat Macdonald-Home says the reopening of the station at Reston “will provide benefits for the Borders as a whole.” Perhaps she can explain the difference between the two to us? The Campaign for Borders Rail (CBR) has always supported both projects and believe that they will both bring enormous benefits to the Borders as a whole.

This, the Borders Party, is the party which believes that the whole route should be reopened, through Hawick to Carlisle, which is what CBR was set up to promote, yet this same party will not support the re-opening of the first stage to Tweedbank! How stupid is that? It was originally built in stages! A former Scottish Government Transport Minister has said the reopening of the whole route is a “perfectly reasonable ambition.”

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The current SESPlan (Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland) has, as one of its proposals, “Stage 2 – the proposed extension of the Borders Railway to Hawick and Carlisle will provide further accessibility.”

So will Cat Macdonald-Home and the Borders Party join the Campaign for Borders Rail and campaign for the reopening of the whole Waverley Route, Edinburgh to Carlisle, that’s what they say they want! As a first step they could provide positive input into making the reopening of the first stage as successful as possible, to gain the maximum economic, social and environmental benefits, for the people of the Borders as a whole.



Campaign for Borders Rail.