Americanisation of British society

SIR, - Last week I wrote to you about the financial Americanisation of British society, referred to by the rest of the world as the Anglo/American model.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th May 2012, 7:48 am

Disturbingly, there are other far more sinister areas of Westminster policy which have their genesis in Washington.

Since the fall of Gaddafi’s Libya documents discovered there have proven beyond doubt that Britain’s secret services were deeply involved in the USA’s programme of ‘rendition’ and torture of people, most of whom were subsequently shown to be completely innocent. Is it not morally indefensible that a so called democracy shipped people who had not been charged with any offence, to brutal dictatorships which were known to torture their own citizens? Apart from being Medieval and repugnant torture is totally unreliable at obtaining true information – wouldn’t you say anything to stop your nails being pulled out with pliers? I believe this abhorrent policy, apparently sanctioned by George W Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair, would have been roundly rejected by most British people, but especially Scots who have a keen sense of fair play and justice. Yet this outrageous policy, and the illegal war against Iraq, tainted Scotland simply because it is part of the Union.

There are many other Westminster policies which bear an American imprint such as the surveillance of all e-mail and mobile phone messages as now proposed by David Cameron’s government, the privatisation by stealth of the NHS (have you noticed how many American businesses are already providing NHS services?), education for profit: called Charter Schools in America, City Academies in England. Is this what we want in Scotland? If Scotland sticks with the Union we must expect many more of these policies from Westminster which are completely alien to Scottish culture. The only way to protect ourselves is by once again being a proud independent nation.

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