One-way traffic wanted in Duns’ Black Bull Street

Black Bull Street, Duns
Black Bull Street, Duns

Residents from Black Bull Street, Duns want it to be restricted to one-way traffic because of the potential danger to pedestrians.

A delegation of residents attended last week’s meeting of Duns Community Council to complain about the amount of traffic using the street, prompting the community council to write to Scottish Borders Council asking them to delay making a decision about the proposed traffic order restricting parking on Black Bull Street.

Residents complained about the amount of two way traffic, plus lack of residents’ parking. The letter from Duns Community Council says: “One lady said that when she was escorting her children to and from school she frequently had to push them against a wall covering them with her body in order to protect them from traffic hurtling down the street.

“They request that Black Bull Street be made one way with residents’ parking provided. Duns Community Council and the community police agree that this is a serious on-going problem and therefore wish that the proposed traffic order for Black Bull Street be held in abeyance until a more permanent solution be found.”

Despite being told by Gary Haldane, SBC assistant engineer, that they probably wouldn’t re-visit traffic regulations in that area for another two or three years, SBC councillors agreed to go ahead with the traffic order drawn up - restricting parking on the north east side for 17.5 metres.

Mr Haldane said: “It is proposed to consider one-way operation in a future amendment following consultation with residents.”