One-way – but which way?

Traffic concerns in Parkside, Coldstream.
Traffic concerns in Parkside, Coldstream.

Following complaints about drivers ignoring the one-way system at Coldstream’s Park Side, Scottish Borders Council is taking action to improve road markings there.

Residents brought the matter up with Coldstream and District Community Council, and a Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said this week: “A council officer met Mid Berwickshire councillor Donald Moffat at the end of June and agreed to add arrow markings on the one-way route to remind drivers of the order in place.”

The road markings at the entrance junction to Park Side still suggest two-way traffic as the 20mph road marking shown would be for traffic coming out of the junction, but traffic should only be going into Park Side there.

When asked if it would change that too, the council replied: “This has been requested and is currently being considered.”