Old Eyemouth High School to be demolished

The old Eyemouth high school building
The old Eyemouth high school building

Work on the demolition of the former Eyemouth High School is set to begin later on this month.

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) have contracted specialist firm Dalton Demolition to undertake the works, which are expected to last until the end of June.

Eyemouth Primary School will be completely segregated from the demolition site during this time and detailed measures are being put in place by the contractor and the council to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and the public.

Any noisy or disruptive works will be suspended when a funeral service takes place at the adjacent cemetery.

Internal alterations are also being carried out in Eyemouth Primary School to create a new space for Early Years provision. This will allow the existing Early Years building to close and the nursery, Sunflower Room and breakfast club to be relocated into the main school building.

This work will start in March in parts of the school that do not require pupil access and will not disrupt other school activities. Some work will also be undertaken during the Easter holidays, with the proposed new Early Years facilities being opened in May.

SBC is also undertaking a separate piece of work to assess the options for the longer term provision of education in Eyemouth due to the changing demographic of the town.

This work will examine all educational provisions within the Berwickshire coastal town, including the new High School as well as primary school accommodation. It is expected that this initial review will be completed by the summer.