Oblo happy to toast its tenth birthday

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IN an economic climate where a lot of new businesses fold within the first year or two, it’s a testament to the hard work of the staff at Oblo and the loyalty of their customers that the popular bar and eaterie is about to celebrate its tenth birthday.

The venue on Eyemouth’s Harbour Road has become known for its eclectic menu and sophisticated yet warm surroundings but owner Peter Giacopazzi admitted that he didn’t know what to expect when he first opened Oblo, and couldn’t believe how fast the past decade had flown by.

“The tenth birthday has come around very quick,” he commented.

“The restaurant and bar industry is certainly a very challenging one to be in so 10 years is a great milestone to reach.

“A lot of catering businesses shut in their first year so to still be here is fantastic.

“I think our success is largely down to service quality and the fact that Oblo is the only bar of its style in the area; it’s not your usual coffee shop or pub.”

Manager David Rudge has been with Oblo since last summer and although he said he was mightily pleased with how things are at the moment, he added that constant little tweaks were required to keep standards high.

One of the major changes David has made so far is to bring some new faces into the Oblo kitchen, and with the menu ever-
changing, he said it was important to have chefs at the top of their game. “Oblo had a good kitchen team in when I arrived but they didn’t quite fit the direction we wanted to go in.

“I couldn’t be happier with the new team we’ve got now and I think we could easily get Oblo to gastro rosette standard.

“We’ve pretty much got the quality required now but if you’re content all the time you’re never going to improve.”

As well as changing the people who make the food at Oblo, the cuisine offered to customers is evolving all the time.

New breakfast, lunch and evening dining menus have just been introduced, with new evening dishes including slowcooked belly pork confit, a trio of duck and breast of pheasant with tasty desserts such as toffee apple crème brûlée and sweet & sour cherry cheesecake also available to tickle the tastebuds.

“We serve food Monday through to Sunday so that means that what we are serving up has to be perfect seven days a week,” David continued.

“The most important people to us are our regular local clientele.

“Whether it’s the lunch/coffee crowd or the people who come in every weekend; they are the backbone to our business and it’s fantastic to keep hearing the good things they’ve got to say about the place.”

As well as revamping its food menu, Oblo’s drinks menu has also grown substantially over the past few months. Twenty different wines are now served by the glass and with customers always willing to experiment with new varieties, the bar now has its own dedicated wine club which held its first meeting last week and gathered quite a crowd.

“We’ve had an excellent response to the club so far,” David said.

“We did some soft advertising on Facebook and put a few posters up so we were quite shocked and delighted that 25 people came along, particularly on a freezing cold January night with snow on the ground.

“The idea is to have monthly wine-tasting sessions with different wine experts and we’re hoping that the club will grow and grow.”

As well as starting up its own wine club, Oblo should soon have its own retail space selling dried foods and different appliances including coffee machines.

“We’ve got a great place here; a great kitchen staff and fantastic front-of-house staff who are the core of the business and there’s no reason why Oblo shouldn’t continue to be held in such high regard by our customers,” David concluded.

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