Nuisance vehicle procedures approved

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Scottish Borders Council’s Environment and Infrastructure committee has approved a procedure to crackdown on what they are labelling as ‘nuisance vehicles’.

The legislation will allow for the removal of caravans, horse boxes and trailers causing an obstruction on roads, car parks, verges and in lay-bys.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, chair of the environment and infrastructure committee and executive member for Roads and Infrastructure, welcomed the new procedure, commenting: “The new procedure has been put in place not only to address the number of complaints received from Borders’ residents about these nuisance vehicles but also to ensure that the council can recover from owners the costs of removal and storage.

“The council’s new procedure is a reasonable one but I would encourage anyone who owns a vehicle that may have been inappropriately parked for some time to move it to avoid having it uplifted and disposed of.”

The four step procedure begins with a letter being sent out to the owner of the offending vehicle and if they fail to remove it or make contact within 14 days a legal notice is served.

If there has still been no action on the owner’s part, the council will arrange uplift to a storage facility and issue a further notice instructing the owner to arrange collection of the vehicle within 28 days. If this is not followed a final seven day notice will be sent informing them of the council’s intention to dispose of the vehicle.

If the vehicle owner contacts the council before the storage period of 28 days is up, they can recover their vehicle on payment of £150.

If you think a vehicle has been abandoned you can let SBC know about it using the ‘Report it’ tab on the SBC website.