Nuisance neighbours on community police radar

Brian MacFarlane Community Inspector East
Brian MacFarlane Community Inspector East
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Berwickshire’s community policing inspector has said nuisance neighbours are amongst his priorities for the district.

Brian MacFarlane, who is also responsible for Lauderdale and Kelso, is in the role as part of the new local policing set-up, under the guidance of the Borders commander, Chief Inspector Andy Clark.

The 48-year-old has spent the last year serving in Duns, but before that was in intelligence roles at Hawick and Galashiels.

His four main priorities are reducing anti-social behaviour, tackling substance abuse, making the area’s roads safer and protecting people. It is the latter where Berwickshire residents will see the most immediate action, with his officers tackling nuisance neighbours.

He said: “We will work hand in hand with Scottish Borders Council on this issue.

“Anti-social behaviour can not only affect the next door neighbour but the whole street and it is important to try to reduce that impact and maybe even change their behaviour.”

Officers are already working on introducing no cold calls areas, with Gavinton and Chirnside involved and Coldingham and a section of Eyemouth considering the project. The first No Cold Caller project at Coldstream proved successful and residents from other towns and village are now requesting similar schemes.