Nuclear gets all clear in Fukushima report

torness nuclear power station operators British Energy (part of EDF Energy) have welcomed the interim report on industry safety that resulted from the sequence of events in Japan in March this year when the nuclear power station at Fukushima was damaged by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

“Analysis of Fukushima revealed no reason for curtailing the operation of existing nuclear plants, nor any significant gaps in the scope or depth of the safety assessment principles for nuclear facilities in the UK,” reports EDF chief executive Vincent de Rivaz.

When it became clear that the Fukushima nuclear power stations had been seriously damaged and radiation could not be contained - the cooling systems were damaged, hydrogen explosions and reactor meltdowns resulted and a 20km radius of the plant was evacuated - the UK Government commissioned HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations, Dr Mike Weightman to look at what happened and determine what lessons can be learnt in this country from events in Japan.

As part of that investigation Torness nuclear power station operators EDF made submissions, Mr de Rivaz accepting that “events at Fukushima will have an impact on the way the nuclear industry operates in years to come”, adding that “EDF Energy is determined to learn all the lessons from this event in Japan”.

EDF have pledged to implement all recommendations made within Dr Weightman’s interim report.

Mr de Rivas also welcomed Environment Secretary, Chris Huhne’s assessment that the report reassured the Government that new nuclear can be part of the future energy mix and provides the basis to continue to remove the barriers to nuclear new build in the UK.