Now is the time for a wee chat with your family members about organ donation

Scottish government - Elaine Lovie
Scottish government - Elaine Lovie

Do you know how your closest family feels about organ donation? Do they know your wishes? If not then it’s time for a wee chat.

Just saying the seven words ‘I’d like to be an organ donor’ could save up to seven lives.

Over 40 per cent of Scots have already made their wishes known by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register, but it’s vital you tell your family to ensure your wishes are carried out should anything happen to you.

If you believe in organ donation – and 96 per cent of people say they do – then shout about it. Make your wishes known and help make a difference.

Lisa Hertwig is waiting on a call that will save her life. The outgoing 23-year old, has cystic fibrosis and desperately needs a double-lung transplant. Lisa’s been on the transplant list since June 2013.

She said: “Getting a double lung transplant would mean everything. My lung function is at around 16 per cent and I need oxygen full time, but it doesn’t stop me doing what I want to do. I have so much to live for.

“A lot of people fear death so won’t discuss organ donation. A dinner table conversation about what you want to happen to you when you die isn’t easy, but it could make a huge difference to someone who is waiting.

“That’s why it’s so important people make their wishes known, and join the NHS Organ Donor Register.”

In Scotland there are just under 600 people waiting on a transplant.

The majority of people on the transplant list are waiting on kidney transplants.

In 2013, 113 people donated their organs for transplant, compared to 86 the year before (31 per cent increase). In the same year, a total of 331 patients in Scotland received a potentially life-saving organ transplant.

There are currently more than two million Scots on the NHS Organ Donor Register – 41 per cent of the population which is the highest in the UK. The UK average is 32 per cent.

Recent statistics show that over the past five years, almost two thirds (62 per cent) of organ donors in Scotland were not on the NHS Organ Donor Register at the time of their death.

Scotland has increased deceased donation rates by over 74 per cent since 2008, compared to a UK-wide increase of 50 per cent.

NHS Blood and Transplant research found that 96 percent of people would take an organ if they needed one. Yet only 41 per cent of Scots have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register.

One donor can save up to seven lives - organs that can be transplanted are; kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, small bowel.

Tissue can also be transplanted including eyes, heart valves, bone, skin and connective tissue.

It only takes a couple of minutes to have a chat with your loved ones. Make time for it today.

To find out more about organ donation and to join the NHS Organ Donor Register, visit HYPERLINK “” \o “”