Northerly gales close Eyemouth harbour

Eyemouth Harbour.
Eyemouth Harbour.

Sea conditions last week meant that Eyemouth harbour was closed for two days - from 9am on Wednesday, November 29, to 6am on Friday, December 1, 2017.

“Harbour closures are a rare occurrence at Eyemouth, but may, as in this case, be necessitated by rough sea during northerly gales,” said Christine Bell, Eyemouth Harbour Trust business manager.

“If the harbour master considers the state of the sea to be dangerous for vessels to safely enter or depart the harbour, the MCA Coastguard operations office will be informed that the harbour is closed for navigation. A red warning light and flag will be displayed at the harbour entrance and harbour users are also informed by website, email and other social media.

Harbour master, Richard Lawton, explained: “Eyemouth is situated in a bay that is protected from all sides except a main channel facing north north east (NNE) and as such, the harbour can remain open and safe throughout most of the prevailing bad weather.

“This is borne out by records showing the harbour has been closed only four times since 2010.”

Mariners were also warned on Wednesday, November 29, that the North Cardinal buoy that marks the Hurkar Rocks was out of position, in the East Channel, and that they should disregard it as a navigation mark even though it was still lit.

By Monday, December 4, the buoy was back in its charted position and the and port-hand navigation mark in Eyemouth harbour entrance had been restored.

Things have quietened down now and harbour traffic has returned to normal.