North Berwick RNLI crew out on a shout

North Berwick lifeboat
North Berwick lifeboat

North Berwick RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew launched on Monday 25 January in response to a request from Aberdeen Coastguard.

A call had been received by the coastguard, from a member of the public, reporting that there was a windsurfer off Longniddry beach in difficulty.

North Berwick RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), inshore relief lifeboat Hicks Help launched at 2.30pm during testing sea conditions and reached the search area about 20 minutes later.

The crew of three aboard the lifeboat carried out a search of the area coordinated by the coastguard.

The lifeboat carried out a thorough search of the sea, as a search of the shoreline and car parks was carried out by the coastguard. At 4pm the lifeboat was stood down by the coastguard, all the searching had been negative and it was believed to have been a false alarm with good intent.

North Berwick Helm Niall Grant said, “It was a good opportunity to put our training into practice. We were delighted to assist the coastguard and work with them during the search. We would encourage the public to call 999 if they are concerned about something they witness at sea. On this occasion it appears to have been a genuine false alarm.”

At 4.30pm the relief lifeboat Hicks Help and its three volunteer crew members returned to North Berwick lifeboat station. After being washed down and refuelled it was ready for service by 5pm.

This Search was made possible through charity fundraising. North Berwick RNLI volunteer fundraisers are having their fundraising AGM on Thursday, February 18 2016.

The AGM will be held at the Glen Golf Club in North Berwick at 7pm for 7.30pm.

It is an open event; any person interested in assisting fundraising for the RNLI would be made very welcome. There will be an opportunity to purchase supper and chat with crew members and fundraisers afterwards.