No quick fix to ease parking in Berwick

Short stay parking bays on Marygate in Berwick have been removed.
Short stay parking bays on Marygate in Berwick have been removed.

Short-stay parking bays have been removed from Berwick’s high street after a two-year trial which was widely criticised.

The bays in Marygate are now for loading only, apart from the disabled bays which remain at the north end of the street.

Dozens of motorists have already fallen foul of the new regulations and been issued with parking tickets.

The bays, which let drivers park halfway on to the pavement and halfway on to the road, were designed to help increase trade on Marygate by letting drivers park for up to half an hour, but many felt that it was an accident waiting to happen.

The loss of the short-stay parking in Marygate does not help the shortage of parking spaces in Berwick which many retailers in the town believe affects business.

A survey carried out by Berwick Chamber of Trade received 120 responses from members and town centre traders, and 61 per cent of them supported removal of the unsafe short-stay parking in Marygate.

The survey also found that most (96 per cent) would like to push for the Castlegate car park to be permanently extended to allow for parking on the grassed area all year round.

Over 80 per cent think the introduction of free parking in Berwick has been successful and 73 per cent do not want to see the reintroduction of parking charges.

Most traders (63 per cent) believe there is a problem with all-day car parks being used by local people and commuters for the long-term parking of their vehicles. Parade, Quayside and Coxon’s Lane are often full shortly after 9am which left insufficient parking for visitors. However, 60 per cent do not want to see more time restrictions applied.