Nicole strides out for Sick Kids

Nicole McCruddens sponsered walked for the sick kids hospital at Edinburgh
Nicole McCruddens sponsered walked for the sick kids hospital at Edinburgh

Eight-year-old Nicole McCrudden from Eyemouth was in Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh for just over a week last year with a nerve disfunction diasese called ADEM.

This caused her problems with fine motor skills and walking. Having never been ill before, Nicole had to go through scans and investigations including a lumbar puncture.

This was quite a scary time for her but the hospital staff helped with activities to take Nicole’s mind off the hard times, including clowns, art activies and DVDs. The staff there are very helpful with the childen and the parents.

Nicole has now fully recovered and she decided herself that she wanted to do something to help the other childen who attend the hospital and, along with her family and friends, she came up with the idea of a sponsered walk, for two reasons: one just over a year ago this walk would have been imposible for Nicole to do and second because this is something that we take for granted, but the kids in the hospital can’t do something this simple.

Nicole, a pupil at Eyemouth Primary School, walked for a total of eight miles on Sunday, May 15, leaving her house in Eyemouth with her family. She walked across the town to the cliff path along to Coldingham Beach. After a stop for lunch she then continued up to Coldingham and back to Eyemouth via the main road.

This took four hours altogether including stopping an hour for lunch. Altogether Nicole has raised £333 from this walk for the Sick Kids Hospital at Edinburgh, so she would like to thank everyone for their kind support.