NHS Borders press ahead with their out-of-hours model

NHS Borders.
NHS Borders.

NHS Borders seems determined to go its own way when it comes to out-of hours services despite a Scottish Government review.

They were asked: “In light of the Scottish Government’s review of out-of-hours primary care, announced on January 30, are you still going ahead with formalising the single site, nurse-led, out-of-hours service as the core model for the Borders, or will the board defer a final decision until the findings of the Scottish Government’s review are known?”

NHS Borders medical director, Dr Sheena MacDonald responded: “NHS Borders has been operating a centrally co-ordinated out-of-hours service since January 2014. The revision to the model was necessary due to the national shortage of GPs which had led the service to be on the brink of collapse.

“NHS Borders now has one of the best performing out-of-hours services in Scotland.

“A paper seeking board approval of the proposed core model of service for out-of-hours primary care will be submitted to the April meeting of NHS Borders Board, which will be held in public.”

That seems to be a ‘no’ - NHS Borders will not wait for the Scottish Government’s review but look set to make up their minds in April, after receiving comments from community councils across the region.