NHS Borders fairs well in midwifery competition

NHS Borders was named runner-up for the Pampers Award for Excellence in Postnatal and Neonatal Care at the prestigious Royal College of Midwives Awards which took place in London recently.

Evelyn Fleck, Director of Nursing and Midwifery for the Board said: “This was a fantastic achievement against a backdrop of a record number of entries this year.

“NHS Borders was also the only health board in Scotland to have been short listed for an RCM award this year across any category. Our congratulations go to the Midwifery and Child Health Team for this achievement.”

A national examination of the Newborn Course for Midwives was launched in 2004 and NHS Borders took the opportunity to fully engage with this to ensure that midwives and neonatal nurses could perform newborn examinations and provide a holistic service to families.

Historically, this examination was carried out by paediatricians, but women often had to wait until the evening before this could be done and they could be discharged home.

Now parents in the Scottish Borders no longer have to wait on the ‘on-call’ paediatrician to examine their baby prior to discharge.