NHS Borders cancel fewer operations

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NHS Borders cancelled 8.8% of planned surgical procedures in November, 31 out of 352 procedures, a 1% improvement on the previous month.

Thirteen of the 31 procedures were cancelled by the patients themselves. Eleven were cancelled for clinical reasons, with the remaining seven cancelled due to ‘capacity or non clinical’ reasons – including two because of emergencies taking priority and one due to beds in the intensive therapy unit already being used to care for very sick patients.

Commenting on the figures, NHS Borders’ medical director Dr Cliff Sharp said: “We try, right up until the last possible opportunity, to ensure that planned operations go ahead. This means that when we do need to cancel surgery it is within the 48 hour window prior to the planned procedure and hence classed as a cancellation.

“In spite of our extensive planning, winter can still have an impact on planned procedures, however we are working very hard to improve the patient experience in this area. We also continue to work across our health and social care partnership to provide timely and effective out of hospital care.

“I am pleased to see the improvement for the month of November and would like to thank staff for all their hard work.”